Trend analysis

Trends tell us a lot about what has happened and what can happen based on the availability of the data over a period of time. Checking somebody’s financial trends before approving a loan is nothing but analytics based on the previous data of that person. This helps in guiding you to make accurate decision thus reducing the risk considerably.

Our solutions are based on the following

  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Advisory Analytics

Revenue leakage Analysis

ITFinch provides solution over revenue leakage that occurs in the line of business. We use advanced machine-learning algorithms that identify missing charges accurately, prioritize records for review for maximum impact, and automatically learn from feedback for the greatest ongoing impact.

  • Identify missing charges and chage back (Charge Insight)
  • Maximize auditor efficieny (More efficient auditing)
  • Scalable and easy management and oversight

Route, Destination and RBD Analysis

We are coming soon with this service...

Advanced Analytics Techniques

Advanced analysis techniques provides evaluation and estimation of the market size, dynamics of industries and forcast of profitability patterns. The technique generates an early identification of risks and opportunities in the market.

Key features of the analysis are following

  • Gathering responses from research analysis and analyzing the results
  • Competitive intelligence to gather substantial information about market place
  • Derive and quantify the relative impact of each of the aspects
  • Strategic analysis and planning to entice your client